Sport Sculpture

Five Continents

Sculpture “Five Continents” officially represented the United States of America and was awarded First Place by the International Olympic Committee in the worldwide Olympic Art and Sport Contest 2004 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The award was presented by the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education at the World Forum on Culture Education and Sport in Barcelona, Spain. “Five Continents” is on permanent display at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland and was exhibited at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. >>Read More


This sculpture was presented as a gift from the Gabonese Republic and its President Ali Bongo Ondimba to the soccer legend Péle at the African Cup of Nations, Libreville, Gabon.
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Fenghuang Cast Lucite

Fenghuang was created for the FIFA Woman World Cup 2007 in Beijing, China.
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Torso of Discthrower

Torso of Discthrower>>View Image

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong>>View Image